This is one seed which we carry only occasionally as it is very hard to find good sprouting Spelt. A great alternative for those allergic to Wheat. Similar to other grasses in sweetness and nutritional value.
A strawberry plant is a wonderful addition to any outdoor area. Whether you have a large backyard, a small patio garden or something in between, it can do wonders for your space.
Our Fleckvieh Whole Milk is as close to straight from the cow as you can find! It's bottled fresh directly off our farm! The milk is not homogenized, meaning the cream will rise to the top! The only processing to the milk is low temperature - long time pasteurization.
Blue Pools are tumbled oysters grown at Hama Hama and named after one of our family’s favorite (secret) swimming holes.
Blue Fabric possesses not only the finest aesthetics, but retains the fluid sophistication most sought after in silk fabrics.
Perfect for both insects and wildlife Especially attractive to butterflies
We supply every adult and pediatric vaccine recommended by the ACIP. In addition, we can fulfill your flu vaccine needs with our Worry-Free Guarantee Influenza Vaccine Program
Sourwood Honey is rarely sold outside the area in which it is produced because of supply and demand. Sourwood honey is light to medium ic color.
Green colour from chlorophyll a and b in the same proportions as the 'higher' plants; beta-carotene (a yellow pigment); and various characteristic xanthophylls (yellowish or brownish pigments).
This collection of herbs is for chef who specializes in food from the East. Delicious and fun to grow, you will love having these fresh herbs on hand